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"New Book Reveals How to Land a
6-Figure Job Promotion
...Without Working Harder or Playing Office Politics"
"New Book Reveals How to Land a 6-Figure Job Promotion...Without Working Harder or Playing Office Politics"
“If you're eager to get ahead and want insights that will catapult you to the top of your profession... you need to read this book.” 
Ron Friedman, Ph.D., Harvard teacher and author of "The Best Place to Work"
“I didn't think I could be promoted this felt good going to LinkedIn and updating my profile with the new job title.” 
Rich Auerbach, Director at a Fortune 500 IT company
Here's a fraction of what you will learn:
  • The proven M x V x L formula that landed me 6 major promotions in 6 years plus a massive 1,523% salary boost (on page 21)... 
  •  How to get access to the best job opportunities that are usually not publicly announced...if you've ever been passed over for promotions you have to know this (on page 32)...  
  •  How to talk about your accomplishments without coming across as "salesy"'ll even learn how to have others talk about your successes (on page 45)... 
  •  How to make any boss recognize, appreciate and reward your work even they don't seem supportive of you (on page 67)… 
  •  How to stay noticed at all levels of the organization without endless networking (on page 75)... 
  •  How to negotiate a brand new salary you deserve in a smooth, relaxed manner (on page 92)... 
  •  How to avoid getting caught up in the hotbed of office politics… and instead become the center of influence without others even knowing it (on page 111)... 
  •  Get access to the three exclusive career acceleration bonuses worth $191 (yours for FREE) to help you implement what you'll learn from the book... 
  •  Plus you’ll meet successful students of mine who applied these career acceleration strategies… you’ll hear their stories, see the results they achieved and discover the steps they took...
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And That's NOT All! By Getting Your Copy of The Book Here, You Will Also Be Getting These THREE FreeBONUSES Worth $191...
And That's NOT All! By Getting Your Copy of The Book Here, You Will Also Be Getting These THREE FreeBONUSES Worth $191...
BONUS #1: This highly practical and actionable 90-MINUTE ONLINE WORKSHOP walks you through the 3 secrets to accelerating your career without working harder or playing office politics.  

After you register for the workshop, you will also receive an implementation workbook to ensure that you get the results fast.
BONUS #2: These TEMPLATES and ACTION SHEETS will save you significant time and effort when preparing for critical career conversations with your boss, networking meetings with your colleagues, and mapping your rise to the top.

These are my personal templates that have been tweaked, tested and proven to work through years of rigorous testing.
BONUS #3: The hardest thing about advancing your career is... getting started. This 5-DAY CHALLENGE makes getting started effortless. 

Through 5 simple, yet powerful, action steps (that take just 1-minute to implement)... you can finally build unstoppable momentum in your career and engineer your next big raise. 
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[LIMITED] Only 300 Copies Available For This Rare No-Cost Offer - Don't Miss Out
Check Out How The 6-Step System From The Book Helped These Professionals Advance Their Career...
"I just got a raise and a promotion...and I've only just begun to scratch the surface"
Dylan, Program Manager (landed 2 job promotions
in 19 months)
"I got my undergraduate and MBA degree...NOWHERE was any of this taught..."
Paul, Account Director (landed job promotion 3 months after learning the 6-Step System)
"I didn't think I can be in that one level for so long and then to be promoted this quickly..."
Rich, IT Director (was in the sale level role for 31 years
before reading the book and getting promoted)
"This is like a PRESCRIPTION on how to make a career in corporate..."
Monika, HR Director (landed job promotion 4 months after learning the 6-Step System)
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What People Are Saying About This Incredible Book On...

The best part of Promoted is the unusual viewpoint on career advice that Bozi Dar explains. It’s really unique, and I especially like the part about getting your boss to work for you. I would never have imagined that to even be a possibility, but the way he outlines and explains each step in his Career Acceleration Formula makes me realize I can do this. It’s going to take me out of what I normally do at work, but that’s probably a good thing.

Review From Milan Rakic - Sweden

I thought I was doing pretty good in my career, even if it’s taking a lot longer than I would like. But after reading Promoted, I know I’m only part way to reaching my potential. I’m now hungry for more, and can visualize the steps I’ll take to get to the top, even if it means doing things that make me uncomfortable. Do yourself a favor and read this book if you have any aspirations of getting ahead in your life.

Review From Stephanie McPherson - TX

What People Are Saying About This Incredible Book On...

Most career books are written by writers nearing retirement, whose advice (while 100% accurate) doesn't really tell you how to accelerate your career, while you are still young and ambitious to get ahead! Yes, talent and skills are fundamentals, but this book tells you how to leverage those skills to get ahead faster, (using ethical means ) as quickly as you desire!Amazing book, highly recommend to professionals of all ages!

Review From Anupama - USA

Bozi's Career Acceleration Formula is revolutionary. I've learned so much from him that I can apply in my career. I've already started to implement some of the strategies and noticing results already. I'm excited to report more of results as I continue to climb! I am grateful that this time I finally stumbled upon a book that contains real and precise information which I can start applying next day without wasting my time. Thanks Bozi!

Review From Geo - USA

About Promoted
‘Promoted’ reveals the proven system for “cracking the corporate success code”. You’ll learn how to land your next job promotion, boost your salary and finally get the respect, recognition and reward you deserve.
If you feel underpaid, undervalued, underappreciated, and worst of all… overqualified, it’s time you took control of your future.

Waiting, hoping and praying for a promotion (or a new job) will leave you exactly where you are.

Because here’s the “secret” most employees never discover… your company has absolutely zero incentive to promote you. In fact, it’s in their best interest to keep you in the same spot… always dangling the carrot just out of reach.

Inside ‘Promoted’ you’ll discover how to break free from this, join the “10% club” and rapidly climb the ladder… without working harder, ruining relationships or getting involved in office politics.

Get your free copy of ‘Promoted’ today while stocks last (just cover a small shipping & handling fee)

Bozi Dar is a senior executive and career mentor to Fortune 500 professionals.
After struggling to advance his own career, he discovered a simple 6-step system which landed him 6 major promotions in just 6 years and boosted his salary 15 times.

Over the years, he’s refined and perfected his system by working closely with thousands of students around the world. 

Now, for the first time ever, he’s making it available to all ambitious professionals inside his brand new book ‘Promoted.’
Bozi Is The Mentor To Professionals At:
What The Experts Are Saying About ‘Promoted’


Founder of All Things Career

“Bozi Dar’s PROMOTED is a game changer. Bozi provides tried and tested system that you can use both now and any time in the future to grow your career fast, without working until midnight or following the game of office politics. Every ambitious professional should have this book on their bookshelf and read it over and over.”


Founder, Interview Success Formula

“Every day I work with job seekers, helping them find their ideal career path, so over the years I’ve come across a lot of advice. Bozi’s advice stands out and the results of his students are dramatic. If you are looking for that “secret sauce” on how to leapfrog your competition, then do yourself a favor and read PROMOTED.”


Author of Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies

“Bozi’s got one of the best formulas for fast career acceleration out there. I know traditional, conventional job advice doesn’t work anymore because the world’s changing. Career advice has to change, too. PROMOTED is out-right one of the best systems I’ve seen for getting unstuck. The best part is you’re not working harder, you don’t have to be the first one in the office and the last to leave.”
Here Are Just A Few of The Breakthrough Career Acceleration Secrets You’ll Learn When You Grab Your Free Copy of Promoted…
  • Why most career advice is flat-out wrong (which I learned the hard way so now you don’t have to)… and how using conventional strategies in today’s new work environment will actually hurt your progress...
  • How I went flat-broke (and almost fired) to managing a $5 billion portfolio in a Fortune 500 company… I reveal the counterintuitive approach I took to engineer this meteoric career advancement… and I’ll show you how to do the same.
  • The simple reason why this Career Acceleration Formula is trusted by executives in Google, J.P. Morgan, Cisco, Johnson & Johnson and dozens of other Fortune 500 companies…
  • The truth behind why your organization wants to keep you exactly where you are… even when you’re massively overqualified for the role... (if you’ve ever felt like you’re being “passed over” for promotions you must read this)
  • Revealed: “The 10% Club”... where over 80% of jobs and promotions are awarded without ever being advertised to outsiders... (Plus... learn how to get an invitation to join this private club and watch your career opportunities soar)
  • Why working harder is actually detrimental to your career… and discover the one simple word you must leverage if you want to get ahead faster without working longer hours…
  • How to get an executive mentor, rub elbows and build genuine relationships with the top brass... without coming across as a “bootlicker” or someone trying to get ahead…
  • The prescription for a boss who is unsupportive and holding you back... even the most insecure, selfish boss can be managed and brought onto your “team” if you know how…
  • Plus, I’ll show you how to make your boss work for you by creating a powerful “win-win-win” for you, your boss… and most importantly… his boss…  
  • The one fatal career mistake you’re probably making right now without knowing it… and why this one slip-up can keep you stuck in a rut no matter how hard you try to get out …
  • The proven 6-step formula that landed me 6 major promotions in 6 years (plus a 15x boost in my salary and a treasure chest of “executive bonuses” exclusively reserved for only the top of business food chain)...
  • The “invisible forces” working to hold you back from getting the salary, respect and recognition you deserve… (I reveal the sure-fire simple strategy you can use right now to break-free from these career-stagnation shackles)...
  • Why the odds are stacked against you… learn how you can flip this and “rig” the game in your favor to get an unfair advantage over your competition… without burning any bridges...
  • Discover why you’ve been passed over for promotions in favor of someone less qualified than you… (plus how to avoid this embarrassment from happening again)...
  • The 5 biggest obstacles you will face in your career acceleration  journey. You’ll learn how to overcome these roadblocks professionally... without ruining relationships or jeopardizing your current position…  
  • The secret of “The ONE Big Thing” and how to find yours… (this is one of the most powerful principles you’ll discover and it alone can change your career)...
  • How to be "the center of influence” in your organization… (this will keep you hot on the pulse and stop decisions being made “over your head”)...
  • The surprising truth about why you need your boss  (no, it’s not what you think)...
  • How to adopt the mindset of “The 10% Club” and develop the unshakable confidence you need to climb the corporate ladder… (if you’ve ever doubted yourself this is a must-read for you)....
  • How to apply these career “supercharger” strategies even if you’re strapped for time and struggle with trying to balance your family, work and life... (discover how to do it in just 10 minutes a day)...
  • The power of “M x V x L”... discover why this formula is the secret behind top performers and how you can use it to rapidly rise up to the upper echelon of your company…
  • Your “Perfect Job Title”... learn how to get the title you deserve (even if it doesn’t exist right now)... and why this is so critical for your career advancement…
  • How to look outside your company’s walls, network and build relationships with executives from other companies and expand your universe… without your company thinking you’re about to “jump ship”...
  • How to avoid getting caught up in the hotbed of office politics… and never again be in the awkward position of having to choose between your boss and your colleagues..
  • What to do if your boss doesn’t appreciate, reward or acknowledge your accomplishments… and how to make sure you get the recognition you deserve without being seen as a “glory seeker”...
  • How to “sell” yourself without bragging or self-aggrandizing… get the formula for successfully marketing your skills, accomplishments and goals without seeming like a sleazy salesman..
  • How to have headhunters, HR and even your own executives all fighting over you… you’ll be offered bonuses, respect and perks you didn’t even know existed… (company stock; fat surprise bonus check; lunches with your CEO; invitations to private events… it’s all “part and parcel” of the 10% club…)
  • Plus you’ll meet successful students of mine who applied these career acceleration strategies… you’ll hear their stories, see the results they achieved and discover the steps they took.
"Just got a promotion - THANK YOU! And I am continuing my growth in the company."
- Dylan (Program Manager, IT Security Sector)
"In 2.5 months I created MY OWN BRAND NEW PERFECT JOB, which didn't exist before and hadn't been announced to the public"
- Christina (International Brand Manager, Cosmetics Industry)
"I am happy that I made the right choice to enroll in this course and I wish this course existed few years ago."
- Allan (Marketing Director, Healthcare Industry)
“Why Are You Giving Your Book Away For Free?”
Two simple reasons...
First of all, I want as many professionals as humanly possible to get their hands on this book and accelerate their career. Because there’s no doubt about it, we’re living in a new career world, and to thrive, you need a proven, battle-tested approach.

In ‘Promoted’, I give you the strategies anyone can use to take control of their career and get the position, promotion and salary they deserve.

You see, I’m sick to the core of conventional strategies that just don’t work, so I’m giving away my book as the “prescription.” If you’re hungry for success, this is your blueprint.
Secondly, and more selfishly…
It’s in my best interest to give away this book.

You see, when you implement what you learn inside ‘Promoted’ people will start asking you how you did it. And, if you tell them about my book, then naturally more and more people will read it. 

You see? There is a method behind the madness of giving away the book for free!


-Managing Director, Chameleon Resumes

“I run into people all the time who are feeling stuck in their job, and are looking for that one thing that can set them apart . PROMOTED by Bozi Dar is a book that anyone who is looking to take their career to the next level should read."
Here’s The Last Thing You Need To Know…There's Absolutely NO CATCH! 
Yes, you’re getting a free copy (just pay a small shipping and handling fee).

No, there are no hidden fees. What you see is what you get. 

Obviously I can’t give away free copies of my book forever, so this offer is only valid for a very limited time. I’ve set aside a specific number of books to give away. After they’re all gone this offer is gone. So get your free copy now before it’s too late.
My BOLD “Career 10x”  
Money-Back Guarantee
Look, if you don’t absolutely love the book, if you don’t think it’s going to help you 10x your career, just send the book back to me and I’ll happily refund you every penny you paid for the shipping.

I’ll even let you keep the book as a gesture of goodwill.

No questions asked.
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